the hour collapse – 70 years after World War II

Installation in the showcase of “Haus der Heimat Baden-Württemberg”, Stuttgart


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zwischenstck 40

zwischenstck 40

Mai 8th 1945. 70 years later. 

On behalf of “Haus der Heimat” I built a so-called “thought zone” looking back to the past 70 years after the end of the Second World War in 1945. Tumbling shabby objects and alarge photograph from the fifties of the last century -showing children stepping forward - became an image metaphor for Mai 8th 1945, the day that marks the collapse and turning point of WW II.

Along irregular red lines – going up and down- various terms are typed on small paper stripes, pointing to important past and current historical, social or economic events and developments and correlating emotions.

People passing by are encouraged to cast a look on the showcase installation and to develop their own thoughts about the mentioned issues.