Strange xD / Streynsch xD

zwischenstck 40

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Exhibition project in cooperation with GEDOK Stuttgart.

Unknown and strange – these are the initial points of this project. The symbol xD is used in internet communication and means winking and laughing out loudly. In contact with people it soon becomes evident that the perception of the unknown becomes more and more blur and cultural uniqueness is removed by overlapping and linking processes.

I developed this project and started it with a topic related internet discussion in February 2013. Extracts of this discussion forum are part of the installation 'ProjektForum'.

Part of the exhibition are artistic works by Julia Wenz, Eva Paulitsch + Uta Weyrich and a project group of the Academy of Arts Stuttgart (Prof. Birgit Brenner class).

"Strange xD / Streynsch xD" is a pilot project within the scope of "Vielfalt gefällt! 60 Ort der Integration", a program of the Baden-Württemberg foundation in cooperation with the Ministry of integration Baden-Württemberg.


Sponsored by Baden-Württemberg Foundation,  Alfred Ritter GmbH & Co. KG and the LBBW Foundation