A draft weather report

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Gallery in the Kavalierhaus, Langenargen, Lake Constance 7th to 21st November 2010 / Installation 

With contributions from Germany, Austria and Switzerland

In the context of the Langenargen Kavalierhaus scholarship from August to October 2010

A cross-border Lake Constance region has been the theme in tourism, economic and cultural marketing for many years. But how do the people themselves experience their relationship on the lake and with the lake?, is what I ask myself at the start of my stay in Langenargen.

The weather becomes the basis for a three-month study of Lake Constance and brings me into contact with many people on the German, Austrian and Swiss shores. I am learning a great deal about meteorological and other weather conditions. The weather becomes a metaphor for interpersonal and interstate experience and characteristics by the lake. An installation is being created on this basis.

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An ensemble of eight mobile wooden objects represents the various "peoples" by the lake. They are all connected by a bundle. Starting from Langenargen harbour, 450 weather webcam photos record the weather all around Lake Constance from mid-August to mid-October. The contributions of the 25 contacts can be called up at an audio point. They tell in a whole variety of ways of the weather, life and work and the relationships between nations, regions and culturally marked character types by the lake.