"...as if surrounded by a magic circle..."

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Exhibition project accompanying the "Mühlberger Tage 2009" / Public library, Eislingen, April till Mai 2009

In cooperation with Brigitte Lambert (Melbourne/Australia) and Kunstverein Eislingen

What connects you to Josef Mühlberger? I addressed this question to people who are connected to Josef Mühlberger in all kinds of different ways. They sent texts, drawings, poems and photos, which are constantly creating new relationships, integrating into Mühlberger's magic circle.


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Mühlberger was a great plant lover. What is more, he perceived Man in cosmic interaction with plants and animals. So the reading room is being converted into a microcosm in which all sorts of plants are gathered, joined by the many comments by contributors from the Czech Republic, Austria, Italy, Australia and Germany.

The Australian Brigitte Lambert also writes (and "produces pictures") about her relationship with Josef Mühlberger. "Mühlberger and the Kangaroo" is how she refers to her interaction with him. In her sociolinguistic studies she deals with intercultural questions.