Art documentation


KUNSTBEZIRK Gallery in the Gustav-Siegle building, Stuttgart

In the opening year of the gallery my project provides an artistic documentation of the “2007_kunstlicht” (artisticlight) (03-04/2007) and “2007_kunstschnee” (artisticsnow) (10/2007-01/2008)- exhibitions.

Using the floor plan – as an overview – the first exhibition at the gallery is photographically “scanned” and a viewing plan is produced. This approach shows not only the works of art but also the space and its properties. The art clientele also becomes the subject of a study. Visitors’ paths through the exhibition are recorded on smaller floor plans and gathered in a card index. Photographs of shoes represent the various visitor identities and reveal a cross-section of the society who attended the exhibition. Statistical records accompany the project and give the art clientele pointers to visitor patterns in terms of sex, age and length of visit to the exhibition.

A table functions as a three-dimensional model of the gallery between the red light district and the meeting place for the homeless, artists’ applications and the exhibition organisation.        

The KUNSTBEZIRK as an art enterprise can be experienced as a game to actively engage the visitors...