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zwischenstck 30

A project with the second generation of refugees in collaboration with Andrea Ballreich, Renate Dojan, Renate Koelbli, Brigitte Lambert, Andreas Preisner, Birgit Rothe and Ruth Wagner.

Descendants of refugees from World War II come together to talk in an internet forum. They live in Germany, Canada and Australia. A lively exchange of experience spills out across the world, about their parents' "alte Heimat" (former homeland), about their own experience of migration and about what homeland means to them today. Joint search for traces.

A room installation develops from the forum experience.

"Monika Drach has placed great emphasis on the fact hat she does not aim to define the phrase "Heimat" (homeland) in sociological terms. She says she is ... a tracker, collector and presenter of images and associations. So for instance she seeks out commonalities, opens up the subject of "Heimat" (homeland) well beyond the refugee context and in this way develops a highly integrative effect with her project."

Karla Nieraad in her opening speech on 26th March 2009 / DZM Ulm