Borderless skies above me ...

Kulturzentrum Ostpreußen, Ellingen  

April 2 nd - July 24 th 2011zwischenstck

What does homeland mean to you? I ask 11 persons from Poland, Lithuania and Russia, which today live in the historical region of East Prussia. Now, in the context of a cross-border project, the exhibition in the Kulturzentrum Ostpreußen addresses the topic of homeland between proximity and distance, home and border fence, and as a process of global development.

From the beginning of April till the end of July 2011, they provided us with an insight into their experience of homeland – in the form of photos, which they continued to send to Ellingen in Franconia. Here they were integrated into a spatial installation: an exhibition in progress. The creation of the photo series and the change processes of the installation in the exhibition rooms of the Kulturzentrum Ostpreußen can be seen on the project website.

A video installation shows clouds moving across a particularly expressive and – limitless – sky from the Weichsel lowlands over the Ermland region and as far as Kaliningrad/Königsberg. Six film makers from Poland, Russia and Germany let their cameras roll for the film.

Participants were Danas Andriulionis, Klaipėda/Memel, Lithuania; Oleg Blyablyas, Kaliningrad/Königsberg, Russia; Egidija Brinkytė, Klaipėda/Memel, Lithuania; Jurate Bucmyte, Juodkrantė/Schwarzort u. Vilnius, Lithuania; Andrzej Haręza, Wydminy/Widminnen, Poland; Konrad Kosacz, Elblag/Elbling, Poland; Albertas Krajinskas, Juodkrantė/ Schwarzort u. Vilnius, Lithuania; Dorota Kruszewska, Mrągowo/Sensburg, Poland; Jakow Rosenblum, Sovetsk/Tilsit, Russia; Piotr Rosztajn, Olsztyn/Allenstein, Poland; Xenia Uranova, Kaliningrad/Königsberg, Russia.